Ninety Dollars

Ninety dollars and twenty-three cents. Five dollars of it was pennies, kept in a glass jar. For a sixth grader, that’s a lot of money. I spent all morning rummaging under sofa cushions and behind the kitchen appliances. The counter was cold.

Working on a novel


I am working on an approximately 50,000 word novel. I intend to complete it by the end of November of 2018, at which point I’ll begin editing. The novel is called Kissing Bug. It’s about a narcissistic detective who investigates the disappearances of several missing girls, but he’s terrible at his job.

Flat Characters


Recently I’ve come to gripe with a trend I’ve been seeing in writing communities as of late. I’m not one to complain much, but when I see something I dislike and it burns in my chest with the same fire as this subject, I feel as though there’s some credence to my gripes.…