Working on a novel


I am working on an approximately 50,000 word novel. I intend to complete it by the end of November of 2018, at which point I’ll begin editing. The novel is called Kissing Bug. It’s about a narcissistic detective who investigates the disappearances of several missing girls, but he’s terrible at his job. Through his mistakes and a series of coincidences, he’s accused of being involved a child prostitution ring. With his reputation tarnished and no hope of being famous, he is driven to take drastic action against his best friend and coworker to save face.

The main character, Mason, is a mid-thirties, single, childless detective in the Philadelphia police department. His childhood, one long tragedy, has left him a narcissist. He is not self-aware nor is he very good at his job. Often, he shirks work whenever possible and displays a blasé attitude towards his job, except when presented with the opportunity to talk down to someone. The exception to his carelessness comes in two places; his views on loyalty, and his respect for his mother.

His mothers frowns upon Mason’s life choices. She was very overprotective and obsessive when he was a child, but she expected he would become much more than a police officer. Now, even as his youth leaves him, he struggles for his mother’s attention and praise. It is the foundation of his self-esteem.

Mason’s ultimate dream is to become a famous detective. He believes this will win back his mother’s favor and he’ll finally get the recognition he deserves from his coworkers, who treat him poorly because of his carelessness. Mason’s best friend, Bernard, does not believe in Mason’s dream. Much like much like a puppeteer Bernard seems to control Mason from behind the scenes. Bernard’s greed and quest for power over others are what drive the events of the plot.

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More info on the novel, in greater depth, will be posted tomorrow!

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